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    Plug-N-Play Wireless Remote Control Kit

    1. RKM was the very first winch company to make Wireless Remotes for Winches back in the mid 2000’s. We are the pioneers in Electronics for winches. We also made the world’s first variable speed control boxes.
    2. Our new generations of Wireless Remotes use re-chargeable Lithium Batteries so that you never have to worry about a dead battery in your Wireless Remote again. It works with any USB phone charger (USB cable included with your kit).
    3. The first Winch wireless kit that allows you to program up to FIVE wireless hand-held remotes to work off of just one receiver box. This is very useful in situations where you have multiple spotters helping you with the winching. It’s also useful so that you can have an extra remote handy if you lose the first one.
    4. First Winch Wireless kit with many built-in safety features: Here’s a list of just a few:
    5. Charging stops when the battery is full, even if you leave the USB cable plugged into the Charger. To prevent battery damage, your hand held will not work while being charged. (Blue light will flash while charging) For safety, if two hand-helds are used at the same time, neither will work Receiver box turns off automatically if not used within 10 min. (You have to manually turn it back on) Two prevent damage to your winch motor there is a few second delay from pressing IN to OUT. Multi-color LEDS to indicate what’s going on (RED=Winching OUT / GREEN = Winching IN / BLUE = Charging (Blue light will flash while charging. Turns Solid Blue when the battery is full. Device will not work while plugged into a USB charger.)

    Can be used on any DC electric winch.

    Some installation may be required if not used on the RKM Low Profile Control Box

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